Recruiting via WhatsApp

Fill blue collar vacancies easily and quickly with automated interviews

This is how High-Performance Recruiting works

Discover the most effective application channel

Applicants via WhatsApp.

Use the world’s leading job search platforms

Automatically post job vacancies on Google for Jobs and eBay Kleinanzeigen.

Don't waste time with unsuitable applicants

The smart matching algorithm automatically finds the most suitable candidates.

Save on initial interviews

Automated interviews provide you with a personal impression and replace initial interviews.

Facilitate job applications at the Point of Sale

PitchYou motivates people to apply spontaneously using their mobile phone, anywhere your company interacts with customers.

Use your existing and efficient processes

The WhatsApp channel and all PitchYou advantages can be easily connected to your existing ATS via the standardised interface.

These companies already recruit using PitchYou

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The advantages - the fast ROI of PitchYou

Reduced bounce rates

Using WhatsApp, there are virtually no entry barriers for your target group. More people will get excited about applying. Due to gamification elements, 95% of all applicants finish a PitchYou interview once they have started.

Easy integration

No matter whether your applicant tracking system is called Talention, Compana, Personio, SAP Success Factors, Hidden Professionals, Landwehr, Persis, Connectoor, Softgarden or something else, PitchYou integrates flawlessly with your processes and systems.

Higher quality job applications

The interview requests the exact information you need for your decision in a structured manner, without having to obtain it out of CVs or ask further questions. The intuitive interview mode motivates more people to upload documents, selfies and videos.

Extended outreach, without extra costs

The built-in referral marketing question "Do you know someone who might also be interested in this job?" leads to 20% more applicants. Personal recommendations are much more likely to lead to applications than any other outreach channel.

Effective communication

WhatsApp messages are read within maximum 15 minutes and are answered quickly. Thanks to the built-in translator, communication is possible in all languages automatically. The top 3 of languages used are German, English and Arabic.

Why more people apply via Messenger

Preferred channel

9 out of 10 people use messenger apps. Almost everyone has WhatsApp on their smartphone, and they use it on a daily basis.

Open 24/7

No matter when candidates feel like applying, applicants get direct feedback anytime, anywhere.

Interview and multimedia

Conducting an interview is more fun than creating CVs and cover letters. Selfies and videos provide the personal touch.

Easiest application in the world

Anyone can use WhatsApp. This removes obstacles when it comes to getting in touch with your company.

Vision & Values

We want to help companies in their search for more and better suited employees.
We are convinced that this can only be achieved if the applicant is placed at the centre of all our efforts.


Simple and clear

We want to understand what makes applicants tick and make it as easy as possible for them to apply. Applicants should have fun in the process.

For this reason, we simplify today's predominant application process, which requires applicants to write cover letters, create a CV, register, write emails, fill out web forms and upload documents, to the point where it can easily be done via Messenger and with the help of a short interview.

Perfect match

We bring suitable applicants together with suitable companies. This is the only way to achieve a mutually beneficial agreement.

Therefore, we support the recruiting process through digitalisation wherever possible. We use matching to find the most suitable applicants, identify the most suitable locations and help to provide applicants with adequate feedback quickly and competently.


We are convinced that even the most sophisticated recruiting software does not automatically lead to more or better applicants.

For this reason, we have decided to combine our user-friendly applicant tracking solution with the easiest application channel and the most successful job search engine in the world.


Data privacy is a key issue in the development and functioning of PitchYou. Click here to see what measures we take to protect data.

Your employees won’t have to use WhatsApp. Communication with applicants is handled by PitchYou.

Our servers are located exclusively in Germany. A GDPR-compliant contract for job vacancy processing lays the foundation for our cooperation with your company.

How does PitchYou work? See for yourself!

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